Sunday, November 17, 2013

Clone your jeans?

Like many people, I have a favorite pair of blue jeans. I picked them up when I was in Germany back in 2010 -- stuck without casual clothes when a volcano exploded in Iceland closing down the airports. I could work, but only having two suits, I needed more clothes. (See For Polycom Users, It's 'Business As Usual'.)

However, three plus years later, I can't seem to find any other jeans that fit me properly. They're all too big, too small, or don't fit right. I've tried probably 15 different brands and 50 different styles. I'm not sure why they don't fit right, but they just not as great as my favorite pair. As a birthday present, my wife saw my favorite jeans getting tattered. She found They will take your favorite jeans create a clone of them. You (frighteningly) mail them to an address in New York which forwards them overseas and a few weeks later, get back the original plus a clone of your favorite blue jeans.

This is nothing new, it's how it was done all through history. You'd go to a tailor or a cobbler and they'd make you clothes or shoes. Only relatively recently, with the era of mass production do shoe sizes exist.

To me, this is the beginning of a whole series of individualized personalizations...again!

The next step is walking into a store, having your body 3-d scanned and then selecting your materials and having your new clothes built by automated systems in the back room (or shipped overnight to your house).

This that's far fetched? 3-d scanners are already at the $1000 level. Automatic fabric cutting machines are <$10k. Robots are doing everything from cars to microsurgery. 

If you can consider the reduced inventory carrying costs (stores don't need to keep as much in stock--they just create more!) it's not all that hard to imagine.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my new jeans.  They fit just like my favorite pair.

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