Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rediscovering the power of visual communications

The day before Julie Reed of IBM came out with her blog post: Confessions of a camera-shy product manager ... I lead a webinar with David Price.  It's made me think.  I realized that I'm not destined to be a radio announcer.  I like need crave the two-way interaction in my communications.  Conventional wisdom is that somewhere around 80% of all communication is visual.  If you're in the room with me, I get that communication.  If we're separated by distance, I need technology to get it.  If we're on audio, then I miss the interaction.

Leading a training session is all about interactivity, all about working towards a common goal (which in this case was education.)  On a webinar, you read the script and share, teach, opine, or somehow try and get the message across.  You can't look into your attendee's eyes and see if they're confused.  You can't see if they're engaged. It's truly one-way communication.  I'm a radio announcer.

Maybe it's the teacher in me and maybe I've become spoiled with the interactivity and feedback from living in Polycom's two way video world.. Either way, I'm not sure I want to lead a webinar again.  I just don't feel I can do a good job unless I can see people paying attention, laughing at my corny jokes, and maybe even learning.

After all; which would you rather see?  A microphone or smiling faces?

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