Monday, April 15, 2013

Marathon Monday

One Fund BostonMy wife & I celebrate Marathon Monday as the anniversary of our first date. In our years together we have probably been to 18 marathons. Some with the kids.  Some alone.  My office was on the Marathon route for about 5 years. My wife watched the runners literally run by her front door.  It is special to us.

We have been to at least 3-4 marathons where we were within 100 yards of where the explosions were today.  I am shocked.  A number of people and organizations have sent out messages of support. AJC's seems to sum up my thoughts:

Our hearts are broken. Our city is in shock. Bombs wreaked havoc at the Boston Marathon finish line. Our hearts go out to the families of those who lost their lives.  We extend our deepest wishes to all who were injured for a full and rapid recovery.  We trust that law enforcement will fully investigate this act of terrorism, and bring to justice those responsible.
The Boston Marathon is a day which brings together diverse people from across our community, the nation, and around the world, to celebrate the virtues of hard work and perseverance in one of the world’s epic sporting events.  It will be that again. 
I also know that in this area of Boston, there are many world- class hospitals and doctors.  Between MGH, BIDMC, Tufts, Boston Medical Center, and all the medical staff that was on site at the end of the race to tend to the runners, I know they'll get great care.

For now, lets be careful, lets be diligent, and lets come together.   This is the time for us to show strength and unity.

My family and friends are all safe.   I hope you are too... Not ok, but safe.


  1. Peter,

    So happy to hear you weren't directly impact. Everyone who lives in Boston or was there or had friends there was obviously impacted and will be for some time. Gods speed.

    David Price